Traditional medicine acupressure massage - Improve and treat musculoskeletal diseases

Traditional medicine acupressure massage - Improve and treat musculoskeletal diseases

Massage and Acupressure are non-drug methods of prevention and treatment of traditional medicine  

Traditional medicine believes that in the human body, in addition to Blood used to feed the body, there is another element that is extremely important to human life, which is Qi. Qi is mainly due to the activity of the visceral organs. Qi and Blood circulate throughout the body. Losing that circulation, people will get sick and want to return to normal, it is necessary to find appropriate measures to restore and balance the circulation of blood and qi. In order to protect health, prevent disease, cure disease, move towards a long, healthy and useful life, besides seedlings, medicinal minerals, non-medicated methods such as acupuncture, yoga, massage acupressure, body workout…. in which acupressure massage is a simple, convenient, effective method... is one of the methods to help blood circulation locally as well as throughout the body, creating conditions for the viscera and organs to be nourished. adequate, improve health, contribute to health recovery, cure and prevent disease very well.

Modern medicine believes that massage causes blood vessels to dilate, bringing a large amount of blood from the viscera to the skin and causing that blood to move from the skin to the internal organs. This transport helps blood circulation in the body circulate easily, providing nutrients and oxygen to the cells; creating good conditions for the process of "old change" in the cells, increasing the nutrition for the whole body, thus increasing the strength of the body.

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Effects of Massage - press blood on health

Currently, massage - acupressure has been widely applied in beauty, health recovery, disease prevention and treatment in many countries around the world. It is one of the methods to help blood circulation locally as well as throughout the body

+ Acupressure massage to cure joint pain, limit the process of joint degeneration

Massage - acupressure is a physical stimulus that directly affects the skin, nerves, blood vessels and receptors, causing changes in nerves, humors, and hormones, thereby improving energy. the activity of the nervous system, improving the nutritional process of the body. Massage dilates blood vessels, increases local circulation, contributes to anti-inflammatory, reduces edema. Incoming blood flow will increase metabolism, bring oxygen to cells and carry away waste products.... Particularly for musculoskeletal diseases, massage - acupressure has a massage effect that increases the effect of increasing blood pressure. metabolism of nutrients in the muscle. Enhance elasticity, increase muscle mass, prevent muscle atrophy, increase muscle strength, recover quickly when muscles are tired after exercise.

+ Acupressure massage to cure insomnia, neck and shoulder pain

Massage to improve endurance and endurance of tired muscles. Massage prevents fatigue from accumulating in muscles when having to undertake a long job (athletics, sports...); it allows for a much greater mechanical work to be obtained than that obtained after intermittent rests without massage. Thus, massage has the effect of eliminating harmful substances caused by injury, speeding up the healing of wounds, and preventing the process of hardening.

+ Acupressure massage to treat numbness of hands and feet, limiting constipation

Massage and acupressure increase circulation through the muscles so that the tendons are better nourished, soften the tendons, increase elasticity, increase the range of motion of the joints in case of contracture of tendons and ligaments of the joint. For joints: the effect of joint massage is also enhanced with nutrition of the bursa, which increases the secretion of mucus to lubricate the joints, increasing the range of motion for the joints. For bones: muscle circulation is improved when massage makes bones better nourished, massage dissolves muscle hematoma, prevents adhesion of muscle fibers and tendons in injury.

+ Acupressure massage to treat nerve damage

Acupressure massage helps to unclog meridians, circulate blood, make the body to be regulated, yin and yang to be balanced, and to relax (relieve pain, through impact on acupoints, meridians) can chase away foreign evils, regulate nutrition, communicate activity, and regulate visceral function.

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Notes in treatment with acupressure massage 

Massage techniques - acupressure must be soft, directly acting on the skin, the muscles of the affected joint area must regulate blood, soften the muscles if the muscles are stiff, and stiffen the muscles if the muscles in the joint area are soft, loose, and transparent. meridians reduce swelling, relieve pain, reduce numbness, heaviness and improve chi (body resistance). Each joint has a different way of moving, but all agree on the following points: It is necessary to master the scope. normal movement of the joint. Assess the current state of motion of the affected joint as painful and limited in order to have an appropriate direction of motion. Massage slowly, gently (tonic), or fast, strong (cholera) for each pain location and joint limitation.

Conduct joint movements according to the range of motion of the joints, must understand the movements of the joints. Need to do it slowly, avoid doing too hard, suddenly. The upper part of the joint must be fixed, each movement should make the pathological activity a little wider at that time; The patient may be in pain but tolerable. If done too wide, the patient will hurt and resist. If the narrowing is more than the pathological level, the joint will not open. Neither of the above methods gives good results. Can do 5-10 times each movement of the joint. Conduct acupressure massage to re-evaluate the affected muscles, joints and bones compared to the time of entry or a course of treatment. Follow the correct technical procedures for each diseased area and joint. When manipulating the acupressure masseur to stand, relax comfortably during the procedure, the person receiving the acupressure massage must relax and soften the muscles and joints.

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