Massage, acupressure at home in Ho Chi Minh City with cheap price

Massage, acupressure at home in Ho Chi Minh City with cheap price 

Acupressure massage is a popular manual therapy technique in Traditional Medicine. This method has been proven to bring many benefits in the treatment of a number of diseases such as musculoskeletal, neurological,... Let's learn more about this method through the article!

Where is the best place for acupressure massage at home in Ho Chi Minh City?

Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic was established by a team of well-trained medical doctors at prestigious medical universities. Trained in acupuncture, acupressure, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. With many years of operating experience we have helped many patients in the treatment process. Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic has many facilities in Ho Chi Minh City to help serve patients fastest.

Understanding the difficulty of sick people with weak health who cannot move or busy patients who want to be treated flexibly. The clinic provides the following services: home acupuncture, home acupressure, home acupressure massage, home rehabilitation, physical therapy... Bringing home treatment services, guaranteed safe and highly effective treatment. The team of doctors and nurses provides gentle, dedicated and thoughtful service during the treatment process for patients. You can contact the clinic for advice on services or book an appointment and free consultation at home 24/7.

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  Massage and acupressure services at home - treatment solutions for patients at home TP. Ho Chi Minh

Indeed, in this day and age, home acupressure massage has become a very convenient service for customers, so Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic has caught up with this need to provide quality home services.

For patients, the massage and acupressure will stimulate the physical, directly affecting the skin, nerves and blood vessels. And the receptors cause neurological, humoral, and endocrine changes, thereby improving the functioning of the nervous system. Improve the body's nutritional process, massage dilates blood vessels, increases local circulation. Besides, acupressure massage has the effect of dilating blood vessels, helping to push blood back to the heart and to nourish the body. Enhances arterial and venous circulation. Acupressure greatly affects the autonomic nervous system, especially the sympathetic system. Thereby causing changes in the internal organs and blood vessels.

Increases the elasticity of muscles, increases working strength, muscle endurance and restores muscle health, cures muscle atrophy very well. Increases elasticity, activity of tendons, joints, ligaments, promotes the secretion of joint fluid and ligaments around joints. Helps restore health, enhance metabolism, enhance metabolism in the body.

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Price of acupressure massage in Ho Chi Minh

Currently, at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic, we also provide massage and acupressure at home with excellent quality but at an affordable cost. The clinic has a team of dedicated in-house services that are well-trained and ready to be on hand whenever you need it. Each staff member who performs acupressure massage at home of Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic always has the noble mission of bringing health to patients, helping them to recover quickly. Our at-home acupressure massage service is only 500,000VND/h - very reasonable price in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Necessary notes when doing acupressure massage at home in Ho Chi Minh City

There is no denying the effect of acupressure massage on health, but in many cases negligence in the process of acupressure massage has led to serious complications. Instead of having better health, refreshing spirit as well as limiting musculoskeletal diseases, internal diseases, .. acupoint. This can be explained by the lack of expertise in acupressure massage techniques, improper pressing and not suitable for the patient's condition.

Especially with important positions such as cervical vertebrae, the spine is the center of the spinal cord or the respiratory center, if done incorrectly, it can cause neck spasms, more severe causes spinal sprains, quadriplegia. extremities, spinal cord injury, etc. may even die. More dangerous if the massage technician is not professional, forcefully breaking the joints will cause ligament rupture, dislocation, sprain, etc. At the same time, patients with diseases such as bone cancer, osteoporosis, other diseases Bones and joints can faint, experience injuries such as spinal dislocation, rib fracture, etc.

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Final thought

Above is the information that we have collected to help readers have an overview of this service. If you want to use acupressure massage service at home or want to know more details about the service, please contact us:  

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