Get acupuncture at home

Get acupuncture at home

Acupuncture is a treatment method that has been handed down since ancient times. The acupuncturist will use very thin needles to affect each acupoint corresponding to the disease that the patient has. Currently, Oriental Medicine clinics provide extremely convenient home acupuncture services to help patients take care of their health right at their home.

Experience acupuncture service at home from only 300,000VND 

With the acupuncture service at home of Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic, you do not have to endure the discomfort of having to wait for hours for your turn to see a doctor with cumbersome administrative procedures, but you can also With highly qualified doctors, attentive, safe and effective service, your recovery time will be shortened.

Home Acupuncture service is applied to all diseases, especially those who have had cerebrovascular accident, hemiplegia, children with cerebral palsy, autism..., those who do not have time to come. medical center… Our team of doctors will directly examine, evaluate, and advise patients and their families, in order to have the best cooperation and trust of patients.

The price of acupuncture service at home also does not disappoint you because it is only 300.00 VND / hour. This price is extremely affordable but the quality of service is top-notch.

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 Peace of mind to use the acupuncture treatment package at home with the best service quality at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine  

Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is no longer strange to people in Ho Chi Minh City with its affordable price and good service quality. Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic provides home acupuncture services with the motto: dedicated, safe and effective service. Our home acupuncture service is trusted by many readers in Ho Chi Minh. Moreover, our staff includes traditional medicine doctors with practice certificates issued by the health department. Steady workmanship always creates trust for readers.

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Non-drug treatment  

According to Traditional Oriental Medicine, in the human body there is a complex system of meridians running throughout the body to help circulate energy. On these meridians contain acupuncture points that have a direct impact on the internal organs and functional activities of the body. Therefore, when properly applied to acupuncture points, it will help effectively treat some diseases.

Acupuncture is a therapy that restores balance and harmonizes yin and yang in the body. Because when the body is disturbed, imbalance will lead to many diseases. Acupuncture uses acupuncture needles and wormwood leaves to act on acupressure points without taking drugs into the body, so it has high safety, few side effects and long-lasting effects. However, acupuncture is only really effective when performed by highly qualified and technically sound doctors and physicians. Acupuncture at a poor reputation can lead to incorrect acupuncture points, causing serious complications. Therefore, choosing Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is a great choice for health care and life assurance

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Optimal choice in the care and treatment of chronic diseases at home with Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine 

Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is one of the units licensed by the Ministry of Health to deploy acupuncture therapy, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is now a prestigious address trusted by thousands of patients. With nearly 10 years of operation in the field of medical examination and treatment with traditional medicine, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic always strives to improve service quality, bring high efficiency and ensure absolute safety for all patients. patient. In addition, at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic, there is a large team of well-trained technicians wit

In order to improve the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment and bring the most comfort and comfort to patients, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic pays great attention to investing in facilities with high-quality treatment rooms and equipment system. The most advanced support equipment. In particular, to ensure the safety of treatment, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic has invested in a system of modern equipment sterilization machines. In particular, each patient is allowed to use a separate set of acupuncture needles, helping to prevent the risk of cross-infection.

Along with the improvement of facilities, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic also strives to provide perfect services and maximum support for patients such as: Book an appointment online quickly and conveniently.

Hotline number for consultation before and after treatment 24/7 to answer all questions of the patient.  Doctors always closely monitor the patient's recovery progress throughout the treatment process. With unremitting efforts in medical examination and treatment and people's health care, over the years, the Center for Ethnic Medicine has been honored to win many awards and noble titles.

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