Acupuncture for foot numbness - Recovery effect after osteoarthritis treatment at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture for foot numbness - Recovery effect after osteoarthritis treatment at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine

Currently, foot acupuncture is considered an effective solution to help patients get rid of the symptoms of numbness or uncomfortable pain in the legs. With many outstanding advantages in terms of treatment results, safety as well as low cost, acupuncture is always a method of treating bone and joint diseases, including the legs, chosen by many people. The following article of Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic will help you better understand this effective treatment method.

Causes of foot numbness

Currently, there are many causes of foot numbness, but the main causes are still the following:

  • ·        Paresthesia

When sitting or crossing the legs for too long, the pressure compresses the nerves in the legs for a short time. Thus blocking the neurotransmitters to the brain and vice versa, causing a feeling of numbness. When you change positions, and move your legs, the numbness will disappear.

  • ·        Sciatica

The sciatic nerve runs from the waist, through the hips and buttocks, and down the legs. If the sciatic nerve is compressed, the patient will feel numbness in the leg. And at this time, numbness usually occurs on one side of the leg. Risk factors for this disease are: prolonged sitting, old age or obesity.

  • ·        Diabetes

Long-term high blood sugar damages nerves throughout the body. Numbness usually begins in the toe, then slowly moves upward. Appears on both feet. Often referred to as peripheral neuropathy. Numbness may appear in the hands and arms; more numbness at night.

In addition to leg numbness, the patient also has severe leg pain, muscle weakness, weak reflexes (usually in the ankle), difficulty maintaining balance. Foot sores or infection. Numbness will be reduced with good blood sugar control.

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  Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is a prestigious address specializing in examining and treating bone and joint diseases, foot numbness with the most prestigious and quality traditional medicine method

Every patient who comes to acupuncture at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is well received, from the admission process to the post-acupuncture follow-up period with attractive benefits. Patients will be directly examined, consulted, treated by leading experts in the traditional medicine industry, and closely monitored during and after the acupuncture procedure. Patients are guaranteed to clearly grasp all disease changes and promptly change the course of treatment if the disease condition improves significantly compared to expected.

Get paid the most preferential treatment cost on the market today. To create the best medical examination and treatment environment, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic also invests in facilities with modern equipment and necessary machinery. The rooms are always cleaned and disinfected to create a feeling of comfort and peace of mind for patients to come for treatment. Acupuncture is a treatment method that not everyone can do. Therefore, choosing a reputable acupuncture address to trust like Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is extremely important. Because it is a decisive factor in the effectiveness of your treatment.

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Acupuncture method to treat numbness of the feet

Acupuncture includes acupuncture and description. Describe according to the meridian, depending on the symptoms and pathology, choose the direction of the needle.

Electroacupuncture: Using electric current combined with acupuncture. Has a direct effect on the injured joint area, reducing the symptoms of pain, dull numbness in the legs.

Water acupuncture: Directly injecting medicine into acupuncture points to treat diseases. Commonly used drugs such as vitamin 3B, nucleo fort, etc.

Effective acupressure massage method to treat leg numbness. In the human body there are many types of tubes including nerves and blood vessels. Particularly in the foot position, there are more than 7,200 nerve endings from small to tiny, running throughout the body. Nerves and blood vessels support circulation and circulation to every cell. When a small neural tube works, it affects the entire system of blood vessels and branches.

The feet and hands are the end points of the nervous system and also the lowest point of the pipes. It is the place where the main human activities such as walking and holding are performed. Therefore, the blood is often prone to stagnation and blockage here.

The acupressure massage at the congested locations has the effect of blood circulation, solving the problem of being "stuck" in the blood vessels causing poor circulation, smooth meridians, affecting the acupuncture points and other organs. reflex line.

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Effectiveness of recovery after osteoarthritis treatment at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine

Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is one of the hospitals that not only ensures professional quality with a team of leading medical doctors, a system of modern and guaranteed equipment, but also stands out for its examination and consulting services. and comprehensive, professional medical treatment; civilized, polite, safe and sterile medical examination and treatment space.

Compared with treatments with harmful side effects such as drugs and surgery, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic applies acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture not only does not affect the patient's health, but also effectively treats osteoarthritis. In addition to the treatment at the clinic, we will guide you with a reasonable diet to minimize the condition such as:

-         Eat a lot of broth from the bone or cartilage of veal or beef ribs, limit beef, lamb, and pork

-         Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

-         Abstain from alcohol, beer, coffee and carbonated soft drinks

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