Acupuncture for 7th nerve paralysis – An effective treatment with no side effects

Acupuncture for 7th nerve paralysis – An effective treatment with no side effects

Acupuncture treatment of peripheral 7 paralysis or 7th nerve palsy is considered an outstanding achievement of traditional medicine. Help patients eliminate the risk of permanent facial paralysis and seriously affect the functioning of organs such as eyes, mouth, ears, throat... The following article of Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic will help you understand clearly. Learn more about this disease and safe and effective treatment solutions at a leading traditional medicine unit.

What is 7th nerve palsy?

Peripheral facial paralysis according to traditional medicine called Khau eye woa evil. The disease is caused by the prevention of cold, wind and blood stasis, which invades the coherence of the three yang meridians in the face, leading to poor blood and qi regulation. Making the mouth distorted, the eyelids on the side are pinched and unable to close. This condition does not affect the nervous system. This disease not only causes paralysis of the facial muscles, but also affects the activities of the lacrimal glands, mouth, salivary glands, the activity of the front two thirds of the tongue, and the mucous glands in the nose.

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What causes 7th nerve palsy?

Peripheral 7th cranial nerve palsy can be caused by many causes, the most common of which are the following:

  • -         Sudden cold

  • -         Viral infection or flu

  • -         Trauma, surgery

-         Some diseases of the blood vessels such as diabetes, inflammation around the arteries ...

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Can 7th nerve palsy go away on its own?

Peripheral 7 palsy is a serious condition of damage to the peripheral nerves, so the disease cannot be cured on its own. Patients are required to consult with a specialist to have a suitable treatment regimen for peripheral palsy. Early treatment is important in restoring facial muscles to patients.

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How to cure 7th nerve palsy

Currently, the acupuncture method of Oriental medicine with techniques such as: Ear acupuncture, Face acupuncture, Head acupuncture, Body acupuncture, Snake acupuncture, Thu Thuc acupuncture, Chi Chi acupuncture, Thuy acupuncture ... gives very good effect. Some highly skilled physicians often apply the technique of penetrating thyroid acupuncture points to improve treatment efficiency and shorten the recovery time for patients. Acupuncture additional acupuncture points of Thinh Cung, Nghinh Huong, E Phong (sick side) and Nhan Trung point. In addition, add the Hec Co acupoint on the good side. If the disease is new, acupuncture is often combined with warm care or acupuncture.

For patients with diabetes or poor pain tolerance, doctors can use other methods to treat it, such as: warm acupuncture with a wormwood pipe, manual acupressure... Research and treatment of peripheral 7th nerve palsy depending on the patient's health, age, and disease status. If the condition is mild, it can be treated for about 1 week. Acupuncture lasts about 4-8 weeks for patients with more severe disease or with other diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.

Usually, the chance of recovery is 100% with patients who are in stable health, the disease is not too severe and are treated early. Patients who do not have any other medical conditions will recover faster than the elderly, who have other medical conditions. For elderly patients, if treatment is delayed or skipped during treatment, the chance of recovery will not be high.

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Treatment of 7th nerve palsy by Western medicine 

With Western medicine method, doctors will conduct an examination and perform tests to diagnose the condition of the disease and give a suitable treatment regimen for peripheral paralysis. Typically, a patient may be prescribed a number of medications including:

High-dose anti-inflammatory drugs such as: Aspirin, betamethasone, dexamethasone. These drugs are recommended to be used only for 3 to 5 days because of the high risk of side effects, especially stomach ulcers.

Neurotransmitter drugs such as Glatamine. This drug also requires strong doses to be effective. However, it should be used with caution to avoid dangerous side effects.

Vasodilators such as vinpocetine. Note that this drug can cause side effects leading to sleep disturbances.Antibiotics, vitamin B1…

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Treatment of 7th nerve palsy with Oriental medicine 

In recent years, more and more patients are choosing Oriental medicine to treat peripheral 7 paralysis. Transplantation is just one of the effective acupuncture methods of Oriental Medicine. Transplant is just a modern acupuncture therapy, cures diseases without drugs by putting catgut thread (for medical use only) into the acupuncture point edema. union of the nervous system. Retention of catgut thread in acupoints is similar to the effects of acupuncture but with a longer duration of stimulation.

Only directly implanted catgut and acupuncture points act as an allergen that stimulates the body to produce antibodies to disrupt the pathological reflex arc. Only catgut in acupuncture points reacts bio-chemically to regenerate Protein, carbohydrates, increase nutrition. In addition, the implant only has the effect of relaxing muscles and circulating blood like acupuncture.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), transplants only help regulate yin and yang, function of the five organs, clear meridians and blood circulation. According to many scientific studies, the proliferation and tone regulation of muscle bundles during thread implantation have been recorded.

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  1. Is acupuncture effective for 7th nerve palsy?

Oriental medicine treatments, including acupuncture, are highly effective and safe without the use of drugs. In particular, for diseases of the nervous system and muscles, acupuncture helps to quickly restore the function of the nervous system, improve movement, and reduce disease symptoms effectively.

For the 7th nerve paralysis, acupuncture can restore the 7th peripheral nerve function to help the facial muscles work again, increase muscle tone, increase blood circulation to overcome the distortion. The mouth is deviated to one side of the face and the eyes are closed normally.

According to many studies and statistics in practice, if treated early and properly, over 90% of patients with 7th nerve palsy can recover completely after 2-3 times of implantation. For patients with long-term 7th cord paralysis, it will take more time, combined with acupressure massage to increase efficiency.

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 Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic - Safe and effective 7th nerve paralysis acupuncture address 

Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is a leading unit of traditional medicine examination and treatment. The center is licensed by the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City - Ministry of Health to operate in the fields of medical examination and treatment, medicine, acupuncture, thread implantation, massage, and acupressure. With the mission of raising the value of traditional medicine, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic always strives for public health, research, and application of herbs and oriental medicine methods in medical examination and treatment.

At Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic, patients are directly examined, planned and performed by a team of doctors, leading traditional medicine doctors who are doctors, masters, and elite doctors. No. 7. In order to better meet the people's needs for medical examination and treatment, therapy and health care, Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic is constantly improving and improving its facilities. Medical equipment and tools for medical examination and treatment, acupuncture, implantation ... are absolutely sterile. One-way implantation process, each patient is allowed to use a separate implant kit, fully complying with the steps in the implantation process only according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

In particular, the doctor at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic constantly improves the method of thread implantation, using a suitable burying tool to help implant without pain, minimizing bleeding for the patient. Transplant only at Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine clinic to ensure absolute safety. Besides, we have high quality medical examination and treatment service, quick examination and treatment procedures, no waiting time. Friendly and dedicated team of doctors and medical staff. The policy of care during and after treatment is paid special attention by doctors at the clinic to help patients feel secure in treatment. The cost of implantation is only appropriate and publicly posted according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

There have been many patients with paralysis of the 7th cranial nerve leading to distortion of the mouth, deviation of one side of the face, inability to close the eyes, and have been successfully treated by thread implantation. Usually, the patient will recover the ability to move the facial muscles, stop the distortion of the mouth, close the eyes normally after 2-3 times of implantation. Each transplant is only 20-25 days apart. In case of long-term 7th nerve paralysis, it takes about 5-7 times to fully recover.

If you would like more information about the service, please contact:

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