Acupuncture at home

Acupuncture at home

Currently, there are many therapeutic methods are put into the treatment of patients. In particular, acupuncture is a familiar and effective method. With the need to save costs, many patients have come to acupuncture services at home. So what is home acupuncture? Is it really good? Let us know more through the article below !

What is acupuncture ? 

Acupuncture at home is a highly effective healing method that does not cause side effects and pain for patients. In particular, acupuncture does not use drugs or affects too deeply inside the body, so it is safe for the healer.

Acupuncture is performed using hair-thin needles that are inserted into acupuncture points on the body. Most people report mild pain when the needle is inserted. The needle is inserted into a point that creates a feeling of pressure and soreness. The needle may be heated during treatment or a mild electrical current may be used for stimulation. Some people say acupuncture makes them feel energized. Others say they feel relaxed.

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What patients does acupuncture serve ? 

The following are the subjects who can find acupuncture methods:

-         People with circulatory diseases: blood pressure, depression, nervous system disorders or insomnia, etc.

-         People with neurological diseases such as peripheral 7th nerve palsy, drooping eyelids, hemiplegia, sciatica and other pain syndromes.

-         People with digestive problems: stomach ulcers, enteritis, duodenal pain, reflux also need acupuncture and acupressure.

-         Especially, those who have signs of bone and joint problems such as back pain, shoulder pain, spine degeneration, stretched ligaments, etc.

-         Some respiratory diseases: rhinitis, bronchitis, ...

Ø   The above subjects are very suitable for acupuncture and acupressure methods. However, if you cannot go to the hospital for treatment, you can look to clinics that receive acupuncture at home

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Is home acupuncture effective for medical examination and treatment? 

There are many reasons that the patient cannot be treated in the hospital for a long time such as:

+ People are too busy with work and do not have much free time.

+ The elderly are sick and cannot sit for long hours to wait for a doctor.

 + People who do not like noisy, crowded and crowded places in the hospital

+ Some people want to protect their own health as well as prevent disease, etc.

Therefore, many clinics now have acupuncture services at home to save time and costs for patients.

Acupuncture at home is currently a very good healing method, bringing many benefits to the body if the patient is properly acupuncture.

·        For the nervous system

Those who suffer from neurological diseases such as: eye strain, drooping eyelids, neuralgia, 7th cranial nerve palsy, etc., when applied at home, will have the effect of regulating and enhancing circulation. blood circulation. At the same time, the patient feels comfortable, mentally comfortable and emotionally stable.

·        For bones and joints

Those who often have back pain, knee fatigue, stretched ligaments or lumbar spondylosis, etc. usually appear in middle-aged or elderly people. This method has the effect of stimulating the production of endorphins. Therefore, patients will feel much stronger and less tired when receiving acupuncture and acupressure treatment at home after a long time.

·        For the circulatory system

In addition to pain relief, acupuncture can also balance the body. In particular, it helps the acupuncture points to be released and enhances blood qi. In addition, this method helps patients sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety or regulate blood pressure.

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Why should you choose Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine Clinic? 

Nowadays, you can find clinics or hospitals that specialize in acupuncture as well as acupressure. However, where is good acupuncture and acupressure is a question people are always interested in. Not far away, Hoa Sen oriental medicine clinic will be the solution for you.

With the top criteria such as: always find out the root cause of the disease, use safe natural herbs to cure the disease, cause no pain, leave no side effects and always save costs. back to the patient. All are advantages only in Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine.

Coming to Hoa Sen Oriental Medicine, patients are applied a professional and effective method of combining acupressure massage and acupuncture. With gentle massage techniques and acupressure to physically stimulate the painful areas. Thereby increasing pain relief for the patient. Especially when acupuncture, doctors will use needles to insert acupuncture points in the body, helping the painful areas to be treated thoroughly.

The staff is professionally trained in acupuncture and acupressure. With full in-depth knowledge and always dedicated and dedicated to the profession. To contribute to providing the most effective treatment for patients.

The above article is useful information about acupuncture at home. If you need advice, you can contact :  

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